The first...

This is my first official posting on my blog! I hope the few people that will read this will enjoy...With Thanksgiving being the day of excess I thought it would be fitting to discuss my recent tastings.

Lets start with wine. I tasted a "Vin De City Red" from Lynfred Winery. It is just your average American Red Table Wine that is above average. A dark ruby color, berry pie aromas, a very soft entry, and a mild tanic finish. I have to say I really enjoyed the character of this wine. With a price tag of $10, it is a steal!

I recently picked up "The Knot" Irish Whiskey from Binny's for about $20. The bottle boldly states "100 Proof", trying to sell itself to the non-squeamish whiskey drinkers out there. Reading the back label will probably make you smile. My brother finally identified the nose after much thought, a strong sweet butterscotch and a hint of vanilla and orange. It tastes similar to the nose with a syrupy texture, almost as if Grand Marnier sneaked in there. Overall I enjoyed it for a small tasting now and then but it is not one that I love.

Is it cigar time? From the makers of Oliva, comes a NUB. Sounds a bit silly for a cigar that smokes as well as it does. It is short with a large ring size. My favorite is the Connecticut (Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper). The mild to medium smoke burns very well but tight and tastes great! Depending on the size you pick up it can last between 35-45 minutes. You taste cedar notes and yet it develops into a creamy texture. I am not a cigar expert but I really do enjoy this smoke. This is my favorite cigar I've had and it is a bargain for $5 to $7.



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