Redbreast Irish Whiskey

Color: a light caramel color (slightly darker than the average Irish whiskey).
Nose: a nutty, oak, and spice with an almost taffy apple finish.
Mouth Feel: Silky and a bit oily
Taste: a light caramel peppery flavor and some anise
Price & Place: I found it at Binny's for about $45

The distillery is the same as the one that produces the Jameson's brand. Redbreast bills itself as a twelve year old pot stilled whiskey. The "pot still" is of note because it's atypical of the stills used in most large scale productions. Instead of the continuous distilling of whatever variation of the column still being used at Old Middleton, they instead use techniques that require the distilled spirit to be put back into the still after each distillation. The whiskeys are stated to have been aged in oak casks that once held sherry or bourbon.
I can drink Irish whiskey neat, with a cube, or stirred with Pellegrino. Redbreast is great neat but even better stirred with Pellegrino! This is one of my favorites and a sure bet to please the Irish whiskey fans.


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