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Wine: Robertson Winery, Gewurztraminer Special Late Harvest, 2008
Region: South Africa
Nose: Honeysuckle, rose petals, and some citrus
Price & Place: $11, Wine Styles

"Late Harvest" refers to grapes that were picked toward the end of the harvest (usually late fall). Such grapes have a higher sugar content. So when there is a "special" in front of the term late harvest it means it has an even higher sugar concentration.
I am not one to drink white wine often but I recently tasted this and decided to add this to my collection. Typically a desert wine it is not as sweet as I would expect it to be. The taste is similar to the nose, rich, and very well balanced! I would recommend this one, especially to Double K!

Wine: Christian Moueix Merlot Encore, 2005
Region: Bordeaux, France
Nose: Black current,
Price & Place: $16, Jewel
This 100% Merlot is one of the most gentlest and delicate Merlot I've tasted! This has notes of Berry, wild cherry, and vanilla and a very soft finish. I enjoyed this very interesting Merlot!

Wine: Casa Silva Carmenere, 2007
Region: Colchagua Valley, Chile
Nose: Red fruits, black cherries, mocha, and cloves
Price & Place: $10, Binny's
The Carmenere originally came from the Medoc region of Bordeaux France. It was brought to South America in the mid 1800's. Over time the grape has fallen out of favor in France but became Chileans signature wine.

Yum! On the palate, very soft, dark chocolate, plum, and had a nice long finish. A fantastic wine!
Any of the wines above will work for your upcoming occasion. In fact, if the occasion happens to be at my house I would not be offended with one of these brought over.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the personal recommendation. The next time we're over I'm bringing the Gewurztraminer Special Late Harvest.

Dodger said...

My wife and I have recently started sampling different Gewurztraminer wines; where is Wine Style located so I can pick up a bottle?

To the second commenter...

Wine Styles

1624 Clarkson Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017-4601
(636) 536-0711

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