I can hear it now…”Really?” “You’re going to review ice cubes, I mean really?” When I enjoy fine liquor in my Riedel-old fashion glass I’d like to complement it with the right ice cube. It is the details that make the experience ideal and these cubes really do add to the experience from their presentation, taste, and overall enjoyment to your beverage. Like my father used to say, “There is a science to everything” and these cubes are no exception! I am talking about Lang Ice’s specific line of “Chicago Classic Cube”. I have only seen these at Jewel near the liquor department but I’m
sure the internet can help you with other choices. They do cost more than your typical bag of ice but these gourmet ice cubes are designed to last longer. Made from ultra-purified water, these extraordinary cubes are cut from a 400-pound block of solid ice. Always clear, without any taste or odors. Thanks to “E.C.” for suggesting that I’d write this…


P.S. I have 3 drinks that can't go to waste!


Anonymous said...

These ice cubes also make my grape Koolaid taste better thanks for the advice Wino!

Anonymous said...

When drinking whiskeys, I'm not usually opposed to a dash of water, which the cube provides as it melts. However, for purists who mean "neat" when they ask for it that way, you can add chilled stones. These are mineral stones; a little smaller than ice cubes. Obviously, they do not melt, and they chill the drink for those who prefer it so.

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