Exploring the world of wine

I am not an expert of wine but a mere student continuously learning. Wine generally has an inherited arrogance to it. People are often afraid to explore for fear of being ridiculed indirectly. Not pronouncing the name correctly in front of an "expert", not thinking of the right word to describe the nose or taste, or even feeling insecure with your overall wine knowledge can all get in the way of really exploring the world of wine!

Today I went to a Port tasting with my Dad (to be discussed in another posting). I am an infant when it comes to Port Wine, very new to this field. Well I tasted some Port, listened to the sampler, read some material provided, and tasted some more. Although the tasting was my favorite part; the moral of the story is you can learn a lot attending these tastings. Binny's is a GREAT way to get started. If you sign up for a (free) club card they will email you when the (free) events are. You just need to get yourself there. Did you catch the part where it is all (free)? Binny's will do this with all items they carry. You can learn pronunciation, build your vocabulary, and even develop your overall knowledge. The tastings, of course, are always nice. Of course reading a book will always help!

The other piece of advice I can give is in a room with your significant other or non-judgemental friend have some wine. Have fun with it. Smell and taste the wine and as you do, throw out some descriptions...who cares, no one is watching! By doing this enough you will develop your confidence, an important thing in "wine elbow rubbing" and develop your wine vocabulary.

By doing these simple things you can be in a room with wine aficionados throwing words like; "Earthy" "Fruit Forward", "Currant", etc.



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