The battle of the Carménère

Wine: Casa Silva Reserva, Carménère, 2007
Region: Chili, Colchagua valley
Nose: Red fruits, black cherries, mocha, and cloves
Price & Place: $10, Binny’s

Wine: Ventisquero Reserva, Carménère, 2007
Region: Chili, Colchagua Valley
Nose: Red and black berries like Blueberries, Strawberries, cherries
Price & Place: $13, Wine Styles

Wine: Tamaya Reserva, Carménère, 2007
Region: Chili, Limari Valley
Nose: Blackberries, coffee, and a strong black currant
Price & Place: $12, Binny’s

I am still new to the Carménère experience but I am really enjoying this grape more and more as I explore the many different bottles. I have previously enjoyed and written about Casa Silva so for exact tasting notes please refer to that. The Ventisquero has great structure, rich and velvety tannins, with an aftertaste of fruit and spiciness. The Tamaya is a very fruit forward wine. I tasted black current, black licorice, and berries.

And the winner is…Ventisquero, hands down! It was fantastic! Full of character, developed, and finished nicely! I still enjoy the Casa Silva but in comparison was second best out of the 3. The Tamaya did not develop well on the tongue; in fact I felt it dissolved fairly quickly. Although a fruity wine it seemed a bit thin. This is not something I would purchase again. Go and pick up a bottle of Ventisquero Reserva, Carménère, 2007. This is a great buy and I feel it encompasses what Carménère is all about.



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