Marco Donati Pinot Nero “Centa” 2008

Wine: Marco Donati Pinot Nero “Centa” 2008
Region: Italy
Nose: Wild cherry, currant, and a hint of apple
Price & Place: $18.99 but “End of Bin” sale at Binny’s for $5.99!?!

I finally found an appropriate time to use what my 12 year old daughter says all the time, OMG! Yes, I busted out with an OMG! I just picked up a tasty bottle of wine for $5.99 -- I feel like I won something! So here I was at Binny’s and saw the red tag for “End of Bin.” I had to investigate. After reviewing the bottle and seeing the regular price I asked myself how bad can this be? Barefoot is that cheap. A wine from Italy has to be better than Barefoot so I bought all six.

That evening I wanted a taste of Italy’s version of Pinot Noir. This was supple, soft, and had a smooth blackcurrant finish. This was light but still had some impressive character in that I could almost taste Italy’s soil. It dissipated a bit too quick on the tongue but it was still enjoyable! I highly recommend that you call Binny’s to see if they have any left and pick up a few bottles -- you won’t be disappointed!



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