Paddy Old Irish Whiskey (unblended)

Color: Light amber
Nose: Sweet cream, fruit flavor, with a hint of apple and honey
Taste: Sweet start, creamy, and smooth
Price & Place: Good Luck! (see below)

Paddy Old Irish Whiskey has been produced since 1779 by the Cork Distillers Company; Paddy owes its name to a well known company salesman, Paddy Flaherty, who spread the reputation of this incredibly smooth whiskey. The triple distillation process of this whiskey uses only the finest barley and the purest water from Ireland's lush countryside. Unfortunately you cannot get this in the states, and if you’re curious as to why, I’ll leave that to you to look up.

Now that you know a bit about Paddy’s history, here are my thoughts on it. Paddy’s can quite possibly be the nectar of the Gods. It’s not a very complex whiskey. In fact, “serious” whiskey drinkers will probably argue that there is no depth or flavor to Paddy’s. In Ireland, Paddy’s is the whiskey equivalent to Budweiser beer is here in the states (a standby but not a stand-out). Listen up, and relax! Although I also enjoy a lot of those “full flavored” Irish whiskeys I recommend that you take Paddy’s for face value -- a simple, clean, well-balanced but soft Irish whiskey. In fact, Paddy’s serves as a great introduction for anyone curious about Irish whiskey in general.

I have lucked out and received a few treasured bottles of this fine treat from my Dad and from my cousin. If you get a hankering to give it a try, I have a few options for you; invite yourself over for a taste, go to Europe and purchase your own, or settle on purchasing a more readily available blended Paddy's whiskey from Binny’s. Be forewarned, the real stuff (unblended) is much smoother and tastier than Paddy’s blended counterpart.



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