M. Cosentino Cigarzin (Zinfandel), 2006

Wine: M. Cosentino Cigarzin (Zinfandel), 2006
Region: Lockford, California
Nose: Red jam, with a hint of smoke (“cigar box”)
Taste: Pomegranate, raspberry, cherries and rhubarb
Price & Place: $16 Binny’s

Zinfandel is considered America's own great indigenous grape, even though its origins lie on the Adriatic coast. Planted throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, Zinfandel is at its best in warm regions with cooler temperatures during harvest. The wines can range from off-dry Rosés, White Zinfandels, and light bistro styled wines, to big, rich powerful wines - even luscious wines for dessert bottling.

Now don’t let the name scare you away, I certainly don’t like gimmicky names as well. This is a pleasant surprise! M. Cosentino more popular wines are “The Zin” and “Cigarzin”. These two are made from Old Vines grown in Lodi and crafted in two uniquely different styles, reflecting the versatility of this varietal. The Zin is a more traditional California Zinfandel style, focusing on fruit forward, black fruits that burst in your pallet and continues with a long balanced finish. The Cigarzin, in comparison, focuses on red fruit characteristics while its nose has hints of smoke and a fresh cigar box. The Cigarzin inspired by the lavish red wines of Spain and Portugal, owes its massive personality to the late pick black fruit of old vine, Lodi Zinfandel. The combination of these aromas and flavors, along with the wine’s ripe and bold structure allows it to stand up with a cigar. I enjoyed my bottle with a CAO Italia cigar. I have had some moderately pricey zinfandels (i.e. Ridge) but the Cigarzin is a great value and fun to smoke with!



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