Does the type or brand of wine glass really matter?

Does the type/brand of wine glass really matter? There are so many different brands, styles, and price points available it can get rather intimidating. Have no fear, The Chicago Wino is here! I have used many different types and found one I love.

Let’s first discuss what not to use, the stemless wine glass. Although trendy and perhaps convenient at times they are flawed by designed. The stem in a wine glass is a handle. Without the stem you are holding the bowl of the glass while warming it up with your hand (see temperature chart at the bottom of the page). Stay away from a thick rimmed or heavier wine glass as it does not help with the tasting experience.

I suggest a light weight wine glass with a thin rim and larger circumference (enough for your nose to fit in the glass while drinking). This will really add to the experience. Your tasting experience falls heavily on the aroma.

Now there are many different types of wine glasses for white and red. I’ve seen Cabernet, Pinot Nior, and Chardonnay just to name a few. I generally use 1 style which is the Bordeaux. I find it a good all around glass for both whites and reds. The Bordeaux style wine glass is everything I like in a wine glass with a deeper style bowl and shorter stem. My brand of choice is Riedel. The entry level Riedel Bordeaux glass will run you about $25. That may seem high but I encourage you to make the investment. How many times will you be drinking out of that glass? Basically you are investing in your wine experience. An investment I am happy I made! To really enhance your drinking experience the wine glass does matter!

Good news! Some of you are receiving a Riedel Bordeaux “” wine glass for free! My gift to you for following…



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