Ernst & CO Pinotage, 2007

Wine: Ernst & CO Pinotage, 2007
Region: South Africa
Price & Place: $7 a glass - $24 a bottle, The Turf Room

Pinotage was created in South Africa by crossing Pinot Noir with Hermitage (Cinsaut). Cinsaut or Cinsault (pronounced "san-so") is a red wine grape that is often blended with grapes such as Grenache and Carignane to add softness and bouquet.

I have never had a Pinotage before and to be honest I was a little scared! I have not had very good experiences with South African wine but I am now eating my words! Traditionally Pinotage has a wet barnyard and moldy nose to it which I do not like (many others do)! This Pinotage offers the contrary with juicy plum and light cherry fruit carried by silky tannins with an underlining of integrated oak.

This wine is not meant to be taken too serious, take it for face value. I think this would pair well with salads and sushi or simply on its own. Although ideal for the summertime I would not let the colder weather stop you from drinking this soon.



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