Switchback Ridge Merlot ’08

I was at The Turf Room the other day and was lucky enough to try the Switchback Ridge Merlot ’08 from Napa Valley, California. I was very interested in this bottle as I hosted a Cab tasting a while back and Switchback Ridge scored the best. When poured in my glass I noticed a dark plum color. The aromas were rather seductive and complex, at first a sweet perfume that developed into juicy black fruits. With the second fragrance I noted chocolate, coffee bean, and herbal accents. Now knowing this wine is just playing with my senses I had to have a taste. The flavors were unbelievable raspberry and blackberry fruits that led to a rich and silky mid-palate and finished coating your mouth with great strong yet soft tannins. Am I really drinking a Merlot? This is much fuller than I am used to with every bit of gracefulness. This has got to be the best Merlot I’ve ever had – a rather bold statement but much deserved! This was perfectly layered. You can drink this now through 2018. With a $140 price tag this may scare you but I can assure you this is a ridiculously fantastic bottle!



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