A Glass of Inspiration

When I hear a really good song, I mean a really good song - it moves me. It inspires me. I feel it inside. There are so many incredible songs and artists out there – no Lady Gaga is not one of them, sorry to disappoint. I am just amazed with how these musicians can create such poetry that touches us. We identify with it. An inspirational song can help us through tough times, becomes a great conversational piece, and more. I’m sure you’re thinking what does this have to do with wine? Well, what do you think Wine Makers do? They plant particular vines in particular soil, nurture them, and when the vines grow up makes grapes. Wine Makers care for these grapes as if it were their off spring. They are dedicated and rigorous with their results. They may make a blend or perhaps use the type of grape in its entirety. Either way these Wine Makers are artists in every sense of the word! I could only dream of producing inspirational music or making wine that moves you. Alas, I cannot. I have the easy job of critiquing. So this piece goes out to all of the amazing artists out there…Sometimes there are some inspirational wine out there that upon first sip I know... The Wine Maker and what he had to do to give me this inspiration. My Irish Cap is off to them.

Sláinte! TCW


Anonymous said...

Art, inspiration, wine and music are all somehow related, they speak to your soul. Good beer, good whisky, good wine are always enhanced by music. I am sure even the Backstreet Boys found their muse in a couple of bottles of White Zinfandel, it is not quite as romantic as Tom Waits singing the Heart of Saturday Night while drunk cheap wine or Keith Richards cranking out the chords to Brown Sugar with a bottle of Rebel Yell sitting on his amp. But when music (and wine and whisky) touch your soul, you go where they take you, you don’t ask questions.

I could not agree more with you - Thanks for the comment!

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