The definition of relentless, in part, is unyielding or never-ceasing. The Wine Mizer recently shared a wine with me that could not be named any better; “Relentless” from Shafer, Syrah 2006 Napa Valley, California. This is a powerful blend of 84% Syrah and 16% Petite Sirah. According to Shafer Vineyards they actually did not name their wine off of the style (although they could have easily gotten away with that) but in honor of their Chief Winemaker, Elias Fernandez, “relentless pursuit of quality” and in my opinion, pretty darn close to perfection!

Indeed this wine was unyielding from start to finish…with a color of a deep Tawny Port. Aromas plow through, upon using an aerator, with black plum, blackberries, mocha, and coffee. The nose is big, juicy, yet very balanced. This massively constructed wine had flavors of blackberries (almost like biting into an apple-sized blackberry), cherries, red currants, licorice, cola, and black pepper. The tannins were bold yet soft finishing very long, literally tasted the wine minutes after the sip. Relentless was like a finely tuned orchestra in my mouth – every component was perfect! Although you could age this bottle for another 10 years it can be enjoyed now. I tasted this bottle in the evening after dinner with a Partagas “Benji” cigar. Sure enough, the wine was strong enough to pair with the fine cigar. This bottle carries a higher price tag at about $50 - $60 but is exceptionally worth it!

Life is too short – Treat yourself to this bottle and pair it with some great company!

Sláinte! TCW


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