Domaine Richeaume Cuvee Tradition 2008

I love meeting people in the wine business! I’ve met some great people… Recently I met Mike T. who works for Vintage 59, a wine importer. He graciously invited me to the Vintage 59 wine tasting at Paris Club in Chicago. What an amazing event! I had several tasty wines. The wine that stuck out the most was this little vineyard from France.

I’m talking about Domaine Richeaume ’08 Cuvee Tradition. Here’s a bottle from France that smells like Bordeaux, drinks like a Cotes du Rhone, and finishes like a California Pinot Noir. What? That makes no sense! Well, they did it – Not sure if they intended for this but yea, it worked out. The blend is equal parts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache with 3% Syrah, all organic grapes. In my glass, I noticed a rather dark plum color which indicated this would be a big tannic wine, the blend of grapes would lead to this conclusion as well. I was wrong! A light nose of soft blackberry, plum, and currant fruits scented with herbs. A spiced quality is revealed with air. I did not taste the power of a Grenache I would normally expect when I tasted it. Instead it was an easy-drinking wine (great for spring) that had some nice French-style fruits on the palate. As I said, drinking like a Cotes du Rhone but finishing like a California Pinot Noir. This retails for about $25 and you could drink now through 2015.

Sláinte! TCW


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