12/1/12. (Thank you John & Donna)

           Saturday, December 1st 2012 will be of those evenings I will never forget. Previously to this night I met a great couple, they’ve attended a few Wine Dinners I’ve hosted at a Wine Bar. At a recent one, John told me he had this Rioja from 1968 that he would like to share with my wife and I. Knowing this is an opportunity of a life time as well as how much I enjoyed John and his wife, Donna’s, company I could not pass this up. We set up the date and time…

My wife and I met up with John & Donna and their friends. I brought my decanter and we let it sit for about an hour. The time came and we poured the Vina Valoria Cosecha 1968 Rioja. I could easily describe this wine to you but that is not really the point. Let me just tell you that it was indescribably good!

So what is the point of this article anyway? Many of us, including myself, save that “special bottle” for a “special occasion” only to find that occasion never really comes up. I’ve learned the bottle AND the company you have IS the special occasion. Excellent wine is meant to be shared with people you enjoy. Make that the reason! John and Donna were gracious enough to share an unbelievable bottle and their time with my wife and I. We had an amazing experience filled with laughs (including being incredibly clumsy that day), great stories, and astounding wine. Their gesture reminded me, yet again, that wine is all about the experience! Sláinte! TCW


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