Hello Miss Pinot Noir…nice to meet you again

My good friend E.C. gifted me a bottle of DeLoach Vineyards “Green Valley” Pinot Noir 2009. There are certain bottles of wine that really remind you how great a grape can be – really showing you its potential. Yeah, this was that bottle. From Russian River Valley, California, DeLoach reminded me of the authority and elegance Pinot Noir has. You see, given the fact that Pinot is such a finicky and difficult grape to manage and process partly because of its thin skin it can be tough to come out with a wine that they did. Don’t get me wrong, many, and I mean many, vineyards have perfected their craft and we get to reap in the benefits.

Using my specific Pinot Noir glass, I poured…If wine could talk I swear it said “Hey there big boy!” I almost replied with “Hey yourself gorgeous, nice to meet you again! With the cold weather it’s been a while.” What?!? Doesn’t everyone have a conversation with their wine? OK, maybe not and maybe I should get on with the description now that you think I’m... Aromas of cherry cola, wild berry, and raspberry fruit escapes the glass hypnotizing me to taste. Hitting my taste buds were robust flavors of earth, cherries, mushrooms, and exotic spices ending with some very light chocolately goodness. Solid structure followed by sophistication. You could order this bottle online for around $45. With spring around the corner this is an excellent wine to put you in the mood and I kinda owe this whole experience to my friend E.C.!
Sláinte Elizabeth and Thank You! TCW      


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