So like many others I have been a skeptic on stemless wine glasses for many years. After all, the main purpose of a stem on a wine glass is to be a “handle”. Wine temperature is critical for ultimate enjoyment so if you’re holding the “bowl” of the glass your hands WILL warm the wine up. The handle also allows you to swirl the wine which is another important factor - adding air to the wine will open it up allowing you to taste the wine to the fullest.  

At a recent wine trade show I came across “govino”. A company that makes “go anywhere, shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable beverage service ware”. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been around for a few years and I’ve seen these before, just never wanted any stemless. After an informative sales pitch from the gentleman, I bit – I decided to pick some up. After several appropriate uses I gotta say I’m a fan! I especially love their thumb print in these wine bowls. These are 16 oz. glasses but I generally pour about 4 ounces of wine (just under the thumb print). I won’t warm up the wine as much and still be able to swirl. I’ve been on picnics, outdoor concerts, and even out on my deck. I love the fact they are shatterproof but still made with a high grade polymer. As the company states “made from a proprietary BPA-FREE, food grade polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like crystal”.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not abandon my stemware, I love them! But govino is an excellent addition for my outside fun, and when your clumsy friend, let’s say her name is Stacey, comes over…use these and she can’t break them. Yes, I have a clumsy friend named Stacey.
Sláinte! TCW


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