Shiraz on the Barbie...well with it

Australia contributed more to the world than Outback Steakhouse, Crocodile Dundee (still love that line “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife.”), and Kangaroos. Yes, I know Outback Steakhouse is actually from Florida and Crocodile Dundee is an American made film but you get the point…They’re one of the top producing countries for wine ranking 7th in 2011. The Australian wine industry is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wine. As you can see they are no small change when it comes to wine. One of their most known grapes is Shiraz (Syrah, Sirah here).  

Given the fact it’s still BBQ season it’s a good time to open one up – William Hardy Shiraz 2011 ($17) from South Australia. William Hardy is fairly new to the American market but I predict given their quality/price they will do rather well!
An elaborate bouquet of big plum, tart cherry, and spice fill my glass with flavors of concentrated but sweet dark fruits, spice, firm tannins, and a very round mouth feel.  If you’re a “spicy Zin” lover make sure you try this wine. This is a balanced, easy-drinking, versatile Shiraz which would be awesome with barbeque-sauced cow or pig and a side of coleslaw. In fact, if you’re planning on this invite me over!

Sláinte! TCW 


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