Don’t drink it yet…

Wine is like a living/breathing organism changing throughout the years in their barrel and bottle. Ageing the appropriate bottle of wine is magical. Not every bottle of wine is ageable but there are many wines you CAN age and with appropriate maturation WILL develop into something absolutely extraordinary. It can be difficult though. You need to research what wines you can age and for how long. That can be a lot of work and it’s easier just to buy wine and drink it (most do). You’ll be missing out though. Sure you can buy wine that has some age to it already but you’ll pay a lot more. A less expensive option is to visit a wine shop, talk to them – they are there to help. Tell them some grape varietals you like and inquire which wines you can age and for how long. You can even research online. Write the time frame to open your “future” bottles up on the back label. Find a cool, dark place to store these bottles separate from your main wine rack so you’re less tempted to open them up. From time to time I even look at my futures gaining anticipation but reminding myself how good it will taste upon appropriate maturation. With some discipline, and believe me it’s not always easy, you’ll find the wine is so much more tastier and you’ll have to spend a lot more to find something comparable. I’m telling you it IS worth it! You could find wines from lower price points and up. So find a bottle(s) and try this. You’ll be sending me a thank you card!
Sláinte! TCW 


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