Skip the A.B., love the C

Ever hear the term “ABC” for wine? It stands for “Anything but Chardonnay”. So in context I’ve heard “ABC” being the answer when one was asked what type of wine they like. Don’t get me wrong, there are regions, grapes, or vineyards I don’t care for but I don’t limit myself. I enjoy many wines from even the most obscure grapes and from the most obscure countries. So when I hear that term I cringe.

Chardonnay can be outstanding but the grape itself is fairly neutral. The flavors generally are derived from terroir and oak. Team that up with the many different styles to vinify Chardonnay. The results are several different tasting profiles from lean and crisp all the way through rich and buttery. 
Gary Farrell Chardonnay, 2011 from California’s Russian River Valley is an excellent Chardonnay and represents what the beautiful Chardonnay grape can do! Alluring aromas of star fruit, kiwi, and lemon peel, followed by delicious flavors of lemon oil, tropical fruit, honey, and a hint of pineapple.  It was rich and creamy, (texture from extended less stirring during malolactic fermentation), complex yet super balanced! This wine had me thinking about the aromas/flavors days after.

So yea, I guess I’m an “ABC” kinda guy – All ‘bout Chardonnay! It’s getting warmer out, perfect for whites and what better way to bring on spring than to pop open a tasty white like this Chardonnay!
Sláinte! TCW


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