What’s your Reason?

There are so many reasons why I enjoy wine. It’s truly incredible sharing good wine with family and friends while having some great conversations, laughs, and reminiscing. Recently I celebrated my 40th birthday and that’s exactly what happened although some of my friends reminded me of the days I drank Zima and Mad Dog, a memory I’d like to forget. Alas, we were all young once.

I decided to share a couple of bottles that I sat on for a bit with the good folks that celebrated my mid-life. I opened Reasons from Horse Heaven Hills, Washington.

Reasons “The One” Cabernet Sauvignon 2009: Aromas of blackberry preserves, black cherry, and cassis. An excellent mouth feel with flavors of black fruits, leather, and tobacco but with time to breathe it kept evolving. The wine maker handled their fruit superbly as it was reserved and very soft.

Reasons “The Prequel” Cabernet Sauvignon 2007: Aromas of pencil lead, spices, oak, and ripe dark fruits. Flavors of ink, carbon, and smoky dark fruits. It is unbelievably plush, ripe, and has this complexity to it that was ever evolving and made it difficult to really identify all of the notes in this wine. I decanted this for well over an hour and reaped the benefits.  

Although I preferred “The Prequel” both wines were nearly flawless as they balanced both styles of old and new world wine. These $25 wines drank closer to $50 in my opinion and are great now but will only get better with more age. With another birthday that has past and a few more bottles missing from my cellar I can’t help to be thankful for many reasons.

Sláinte! TCW


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