Happy Belated World Malbec Day!

There is a National/International Day for just about anything; Doughnuts, Nurses, No Socks, (OK, that’s a little weird) so yes, why not an International Malbec Day which was on April 17th. With that in mind it’s often people either love or dislike Malbec - I rarely find someone in the middle. I have tasted some pretty awful and some amazing Malbec in my day.

Malbec grapes generally has an inky dark color and robust tannins. The Malbec grape is a thin-skinned grape and needs more sun and heat than either the Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot for it t mature. It ripens mid-season and can bring a very deep color, ample tannin with a particular plum-like flavor. The wines are rich, dark, and can be juicy. Doing my due diligence I tasted two that were different in styles.
Trumpeter Malbec, 2012 (SRP $10.99): For those who like it a little dirty… This has aromas of earth, tobacco, dark spice, a bit of funk (don’t let that scare you) and flavors of intense tannins, cherry, and oak.

Rutini Encuetro Malbec, 2011 (SRP $18.99): For those who like it a little cleaner (softer)… Beautiful aromas of violet floral notes, cassis, ink, blackberries and flavors of dark chocolate, Asian spices, and just a hint of orange marmalade. 

Depending my mood, I’d drink both and be perfectly OK but truth be told I did prefer the later. Both being from Mendoza, Argentina (pros at Malbec) I’d have to say they did a good job!

Sláinte! TCW


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