Trick or Drink

Here’s a little known tidbit for you…way back in the day (about 2,000 years ago) All Hallows’ Eve was celebrated by placing food and wine on the front porch to ward off evil spirits. It’s a shame that tradition stopped because I’d have a new favorite holiday –- drinking your wine verses eating those horrible candy corn pellets. 

So while important decisions have to be made like whether I dress up as Thor or Sharknado for Halloween I had an easy decision to open up a bottle of Jaffurs Syrah, 2009 from Santa Barbara County, California. This Syrah had aromas of big juicy blackberries, leather, olive, black pepper, finishing off with a little herb. With aromas that were layered as well as they were I was expecting some bold tannins but to my surprise, the wine’s flavors were rather soft with delicious black fruits and velvety tannins. Jaffurs added a little Petite Sirah in this vintage for structure and it showed. This bottle is a great fall wine!! It’s not only nice to add flavor to your chili but also delicious to drink alongside of it.

So do yourself a favor and pick up this excellently valued wine for around $30. Just don’t leave it on the porch or I’ll be paying you a visit. Happy Hallow-Wine!

Sláinte! TCW


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