Raptor Ridge and their Pinots

Thanksgiving is deep rooted with traditions. Traditions that started perhaps just a few years ago intertwined with some that dates back hundreds of years. Although this time of year can be stressful for many it’s always a good idea to relax when you can and contemplate all of the things in life you are grateful for. I’m sure your thoughts will lean towards the simple things in life; your family, friends, Chicago construction (because who doesn’t love driving in that during rush hour), or perhaps a good bottle of wine.

Raptor Ridge has some lovely bottles of wine while you’re contemplating. Named for their location on a ridge in the Chehalem Mountains AVA, Raptor Ridge (and their neighbors) is a haven for their native raptors. I opened up their Pinot Noir, Barrel Select, 2013 (Willamette Valley). Barrel Select had blended aromas of cherry, spice, and tobacco with classic but delicious flavors of sour cherry, raspberries, black tea, followed by this specific and unique earthiness only gained in Oregon. I’d decant this bottle as the aromas and flavors will soften up and the wine will become even more expressive. Given the fact a good Pinot will cost you upwards of $30 plus (easy) this retailing for $30 is a great deal!

Feeling very grateful at this point I felt the need to open up their next bottle of Pinot Noir - Estate, Chehalem Mountains, 2012 ($45). With fewer than 500 cases produced I knew I was in for a treat or at least lucky to taste it. This is a Pinot with a turbo....A huge nose of ripe plum, bold black cherries, and nutmeg but as this opens up so much more is offered. I noted a fuller bodied wine with seductive flavors of juicy light red fruits, lavender, and sweet spices. This wine will leave you wanting more (and I did!).

Raptor Ridge crafted two very fine Pinot Noirs that would pair well with your Thanksgiving dinner or just some good company.
Sláinte! TCW 


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